Silent Echoes

Silent Echoes




Architectural Digest Middle East The Art of Dining 2nd edition

“Elle joue avec les éléments de sa mémoire,

Elle les épingle et les décore

comme des insectes qui auraient volés du temps,

Elle aime la fragilité de ses moments suspendus dans le temps,

Ces souvenirs dans le seul but de laisser derrière eux des souvenirs.

Qui suis-je dans le monde, qui suis-je dans le monde ?”

                                 - Albert Moya, Un Écho Temporel

Since the earliest civilisations, the act of dining has been a community practice and evolved into many different forms with time.


Context | The Act of Dining

Due to the technoligcal era we live in and the social pattern caused by social media,

the act of dining is no longer focused on social interactions rather on virtual ones.


Container | The Space

The corridor no longer acts as a transitional space of users in motion. A new dimension of crystallization is given to it: the Act of Dining.


Content | The Journey

"Silent Echoes" is a journey where your senses are stimulated towards a state of infinite reflection, disorientation and re-questioning. It echoes today’s world of individualization, self- absorption and virtual interactions.

Client | Architectural Digest Middle East @admiddleeast 

Organized by | MWPR @marianawehbepr

Audio Consultancy | 21dB @21db_acousticsolutions

Sound Design | Fouad Bechwati

Tableware | The Silly Spoon @thesillyspoon

Cutlery | Lina Shamma @linashamma

Location | 3Beirut, Omar Daouk Street, Beirut Central District, Lebanon

Area | 30 sqm

Date of Completion | June 2018

Team | Tessa Sakhi, Tara Sakhi, Elie Harb

Contractor | Joe Habchy

Photos | Tony Elieh & Pulse @tonyelieh