BAU Beirut

BAU Beirut

Rabih Geha


The rocky surroundings of Beirut’s skyline is an attraction for those who would want to heal it.

From the old kingdom of Babylon BAU’s spirit still resides among us; the healing goddess is known for her power to breath life back into mankind.

Through her preaching, we introduce to Beirut a unique combination of space, sound and palate that vitalizes senses and rejuvenates souls.

Bringing an authentic Asian taste with rich food, handcrafted special cocktails and tropical dance mood that heals mind and spirit.

We believe that holding good virtue is key to a healthy and fulfilled life. It is maintained through acts of love, compassion, kindness and integrity. And with the right ambiance, rhythm and gustatory stimulation, your senses will be awaked to a life of love, mindfulness and serenity.

Every visit holds parades and parades of exponential fusions of Zen and bliss.