Cask & Barrel

Cask & Barrel

Marie Claire Mrad


Marie-Claire Mrad is an interior architect, lighting and product designer based in Beirut, Lebanon. After earning a master’s degree from Université Saint Esprit Kaslik (USEK) in 2009, Marie-Claire Mrad worked with several renowned companies in the field of interior architecture and lighting design. While working with these firms, she designed projects across Lebanon, the Middle East and Europe, and collaborated with designers from different backgrounds, nationalities and disciplines. 

In 2011, she came back to USEK as an instructor, mentoring interior architecture students. 

In 2018, Marie-Claire co-founded REM Beirut, a new concept of design practice, including an interior architecture office space, a concept store related to design and lifestyle where Lebanese and international designers showcase their products and a multipurpose area suitable for meetings, events, design workshops and talks. 

Today, she has a wide portfolio with work ranging from residential and commercial spaces to projects in the hospitality field including restaurants and bars.

Marie-Claire’s conceptual approach to interior architecture reflects her understanding of the correlation between the physical space and the sensory experience of the user, which translates in shapes, textures and light creating unique and timeless spaces. The transition and balance between the aesthetic essence of the space and its functionality are the challenge and driving force behind the conception of every project.


The Cask & Barrel is a premium spirits boutique, founded by G. Vincenti & Sons, curating some of the world’s most selective and premium single malt whisky brands from Scotland, Ireland and Japan along with a limited batch of the finest brands of bourbons, rums, gins, cognacs, champagne and other spirits. This concept is dedicated to nurture and encourage passion for the “Water of Life”: Whisky, as well as the other spirits. The conceptual approach of the second branch located in the Intercontinental Hotel Mzaar, was about capturing the essence and identity of each brand and highlighting it in its context while maintaining an overall mood. The outcome is a space emanating singularity and harmony, authenticity and luxury.